About Us

Our Vision

Serving Customers in medicines, medical equipment, healthy food, beverages, cosmetics, fragrances and personal care.

After growing for the last 20 years, Furthermore it has decided to widen its investments in cosmetics and perfumes by providing our outlets with  the most selective Cosmetics and perfumes brand names.

Our Mission

To be pioneers in serving our customers, in the health and beauty segments, all around Egypt.

To provide an employment opportunities to play a cooperative role in enhancing our society.

Core Values

Accountability, Diversity, Investment, Leadership, Risk taking, Standardization, Development, Trustworthy, Growth, Creativity , Quality

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Our Prime objective is to build a very strong and luxurious chain of outlets. Moreover, we aim to continue our reshaping of the cosmetics, Perfumery and medicine markets through our outlets, our distribution company and excellent medical insurance services.
In order to achieve our objectives, we follow our strategies