To ensure permanent excellence in the field of medical and health care in all the provinces of Egypt.

SAFE HEALTH CARE is continuing cooperation and consolidation between SAFE medical system and the medical service  providers who have been carefully selected from Doctors, Professors and Consultants in all Specialties, Hospitals, Laboratories and X-Ray Examinations and Centers.

 Our attention to the health and safety of our customers drives us to provide an integrated system of health care, health insurance and the highest possible quality and best prices.
The reasons for our success is due to have constellation of scientific and technical cadres specialized and professionally trained and capable of serving customers anywhere in Egypt.

Finally, SAFE HEALTH CARE aims to improve the level of medical services provided, through the use of in our management of health care programs the highest level of advanced technology, and which allow us to manage, "Seif Healthcare" efficiently and professionally high and put us always at the center of competition.
Our social responsibility aims to remove financial barriers between customers and their access to decent medical services. In addition to raising the level of job satisfaction and reassurance of the individual and social entity contracted.